Neptune Brewery LTD Terms & Conditions

All invoices are to be paid according to our agreed payment terms as stated on the customer invoice, and should payments be late, Neptune Brewery LTD reserves the right to change the agreed credit terms.

Neptune Brewery LTD has the right to add late payment charges in accordance with Government late commercial payments if our agreed credit terms are exceeded.

In the event that orders lapse for a period of 3 months or longer, Neptune Brewery LTD reserve the right to return me/us to Payment In Advance on orders and that resumption of 14 days credit terms is subject to agreement between both parties.

If there are any dispense issues, I/we will remove the beer from sale, and contact Neptune Brewery LTD in the first instance to discuss and troubleshoot. If an ullage/spoiled beer claim needs to be made, it will be dealt with via a collection note and a credit note issued from the brewery after examining the return. No credit will be issued for beer sold.

Containers remain the property of the brewery and customers are asked to ensure their safe return. Company containers are not measures, however every care is taken to ensure that they contain not less than their reported quantity. Lost containers will be invoiced at 80% of original cost. The goods remain the property of the brewery until paid for in full.